Les formations Architecture Logicielle

Les formations Architecture Logicielle

Des cours de formation sur l'architecture logicielle en direct, organisés en local, démontrent par des discussions interactives et des exercices pratiques les principes fondamentaux de l'architecture logicielle La formation en architecture logicielle est disponible sous forme de «formation en direct sur site» ou de «formation en direct à distance» La formation en direct sur site peut être effectuée localement dans les locaux du client Quebec ou dans les centres de formation d'entreprise NobleProg à Quebec La formation en ligne à distance est réalisée au moyen d'un ordinateur de bureau interactif et distant NobleProg Votre fournisseur de formation local.

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Nom du Cours
Nom du Cours
21 hours
A tour of all available technologies for mobile development, as native development, hybrid development and cross native development. An introduction to the topics connected to the development of mobile apps as NoSql database, Cloud Computing, Social Networks and much more. A must for every software architect and senior developer involved in mobile apps development.


- Software Developers, Software Architects
21 hours
With the emergence of very complex distributed systems, complexity of a single system moved to the complexity of the architecture of the group of systems. This course covers the relationship of Software Architecture with Technical Enterprise Architecture. These two areas are interrelated in a way which currently is not well described. For example, splitting complex monolithic system into two systems communicating via web services will trigger substantial changes to both the new systems, and the architecture between them.

This course will cover trade-offs, currently common patterns and solutions for managing complex systems and communication within and between them.
7 hours
This instructor-led, live training in Quebec (online or onsite) is aimed at software engineers and developers who wish to plan, design, guide, and manage software development using architecting methods.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

- Understand the importance of architecting in software development.
- Assess how developers can use architecting methods in development.
- Learn the process of architecting to manage and evaluate processes.
- Structure complex apps using an architectural approach.
- Establish a decision-making structure to address issues and define accountabilities in development teams.
- Take ownership of technical decisions with confidence.
- Visualize architectures using models and diagrams.
- Understand standards and risks to build agile and recoverable architectures.
14 hours
This instructor-led, live training in Quebec (online or onsite) is aimed at software engineers who wish to use CMake automate the build process in a cross-platform environment.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

- Build, test, and package software with CMake.
- Control the software compilation process.
- Use CMake in conjunction with a native build environment.
- Address common build system issues.

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