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Les formations Conformité des Entreprises

Des cours de formation sur la conformité d'entreprise, organisés en direct et organisés localement, démontrent par des discussions interactives et la pratique pratique les principes fondamentaux et les sujets avancés de la conformité d'entreprise La formation sur la conformité d'entreprise est disponible en tant que «formation en direct sur site» ou «formation en direct à distance» La formation en direct sur site peut être effectuée localement dans les locaux du client Quebec ou dans les centres de formation d'entreprise NobleProg à Quebec La formation en ligne à distance est réalisée au moyen d'un ordinateur de bureau interactif et distant NobleProg Votre fournisseur de formation local.

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Plans de cours Conformité des Entreprises

Nom du Cours
Nom du Cours
21 hours

All staff who need a working knowledge of Compliance and the Management of Risk

Format of the course

A combination of:

- Facilitated Discussions
- Slide Presentations
- Case Studies
- Examples

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

- Understand the major facets of Compliance and the national and international efforts being made to manage the risk related to it
- Define the ways in which a company and its staff might set up a Compliance Risk Management Framework
- Detail the roles of Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer and how they should be integrated into a business
- Understand some other “hot spots” in Financial Crime – especially as they relate to International Business, Offshore Centres and High-Net-Worth Clients
21 hours

Basel III is a global regulatory standard on bank capital adequacy, stress testing and market liquidity risk. Having initially been agreed upon by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 2010–11, changes to The Accord have extended implementation to 31st March 2019. Basel III strengthens bank capital requirements by increasing bank liquidity and decreasing bank leverage.
Basel III differs from Basel I & II in that it requires different levels of reserves for different forms of deposits and other types of borrowings, so it does not supersede them so much as it does work alongside Basel I and Basel II.
This complex and constantly changing landscape can be hard to keep up with, our course and training will help you manage likely changes and their impact on your institution. We are accredited with and a training partner to the Basel Certification Institute and as such the quality and suitability of our training and material is guaranteed to be up to date and effective


- Preparation for the Certified Basel Professional Examination.
- Define hands-on strategies and techniques for the definition, measurement, analysis, improvement, and control of operational risk within a banking organization.

Target Audience:

- Board members with risk responsibilities
- CROs and Heads of Risk Management
- Members of the Risk Management team
- Compliance, legal and IT support staff
- Equity and Credit Analysts
- Portfolio Managers
- Rating Agency Analysts


- Introduction to Basel norms and amendments to the Basel Accord (III)
- Regulations for market, credit, counterparty and liquidity risk
- Stress testing for various risk measures including how to formulate and deliver stress tests
- The likely effects of Basel III on the international banking industry, including demonstrations of its practical application
- Need For The New Basel Norms
- The Basel III Norms
- Objectives of The Basel III Norms
- Basel III – Timeline
28 hours

This four day event (CGEIT training) is the ultimate preparation for exam time and is designed to ensure that you pass the challenging CGEIT exam on your first attempt.
The CGEIT qualification is an internationally recognised symbol of excellence in IT governance awarded by ISACA. It is designed for professionals responsible for managing IT governance or with significant advisory or assurance responsibility for IT governance.
Achieving CGEIT status will provide you with wider recognition in the marketplace, as well as increased influence at executive level.


This seminar has been designed to prepare Delegates for the CGEIT examination by enabling them to supplement their existing knowledge and understanding to be better prepared to pass the exam, as defined by ISACA.

Target Audience:

Our training course is for IT and business professionals, with significant IT governance experience who are undertaking the CGEIT exam.
21 hours
Course goal:

To ensure that an individual has the core understanding of GRC processes and capabilities, and the skills to integrate governance, performance management, risk management, internal control, and compliance activities.


- GRC Basic terms and definitions
- Principles of GRC
- Core components, practices and activities
- Relationship of GRC to other disciplines
7 hours
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a legislation in the United States that provides provisions for data privacy and security for handling and storing medical information. These guidelines are a good standard to follow in developing health applications, regardless of territory. HIPAA compliant applications are recognized and more trusted globally.

In this instructor-led, live training (remote), participants will learn the fundamentals of HIPAA as they step through a series of hands-on live-lab exercises.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

- Understand the basics of HIPAA
- Develop health applications that are compliant with HIPAA
- Use developer tools for HIPAA compliance


- Developers
- Product Managers
- Data Privacy Officers

Format of the Course

- Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice.


- To request a customized training for this course, please contact us to arrange.
7 hours
This instructor-led, live training in Quebec (online or onsite) is aimed at payment services compliance professionals who wish to create, implement, and enforce a compliance program within an organization.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

- Understand the rules set forth by government regulators for payment service providers.
- Create the internal policies and procedures needed to satisfy government regulations.
- Implement a compliance program that adheres to relevant laws.
- Ensures that all corporate processes and procedures comply with the compliance program.
- Uphold the business's reputation while protecting it from lawsuits.

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